Teaching Portfolio

What is 3 + 4:
What is 3 + 4:
Title: Okeola O.G. Teaching Portfolio
Date Modified: 11 February 2021
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A teaching portfolios (or dossier) is a coherent set of material that represent an academia teaching practice as related to student learning and is part of university academic career in western countries most especially American universities. Teaching portfolios (TP) are typically used for two purpose: (1) as a developmental process for reflecting on and improving one’s teaching and (2) as an evaluative product for personnel decisions such as tenure, promotion, or a teaching award.  Whatever function, TP also have several major benefits; such as providing different sources of evidence of teaching performance; provide the needed structure for self-reflection about areas of teaching that may need improvement; to present as part of documentation submitted for a job search; to share teaching expertise and experience with new & junior faculty members