What is 3 + 4:
What is 3 + 4:
Olayinka Okeola Profile

First Name: Olayinka
Last Name: Okeola
Institution: University Of Ilorin
Address: Dept Of Water Resources & Environmental Engineering
City: Ilorin
Postcode/Zip: 240001/234
Country: Nigeria
Telephone: +234(0)7032307770
Solicitor: Infinity Associates. Ahmadu Bello Avenue, Ilorin. Nigeria
Physician: Dr. I.S. Kuranga (M.D., FWACP)

Dr Okeola worked for 15 years in physical infrastructure development including design, monitoring, reporting and procurement exercises before becoming an academia at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Ilorin in 2010. He has since involved in teaching, mentoring and research. My research goal is “Safe, sustainable, and efficient water delivery for human livelihood and development” and the research aims at national priorities that align with global effort on sustainable development. The overall goal of my research agenda is to provide information to make a good stewardship of water resources for nexus of cities, water, energy and food coupled with students mentoring. Okeola is determined to have his mark in developing novel sustainable solutions to the complex problems of cities, water, energy and food nexus that are of local and national concerns on WEF for achieving UN SDGs. Dr Okeola has over 20 articles in reputable journals, written monographs, attended conferences and has supervised students’ projects.  My teaching philosophy is student-centered which ensures students participation in class through dynamic approach in both teaching illustrations and engaging attitudes with emphasis on encouragement. Essentially, the philosophy is grounded on appreciation and accommodation of students’ individuality differences in intelligence and temperament.

To enhance student experience and learning, my teaching approach combines lecturer as a facilitator, with blended learning, think-share-pair, brainstorming and engaging the class, as well as connecting the classroom with the real world.  Dr Okeola is a licensed professional engineer under the Nigerian law and has membership of professional bodies including American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making. Dr Okeola is a Peace Ambassador and has received the Pillars of Nation Building Award to 2012 Distinguished Academic ICON from the Strategic Institute for Natural Resources and Human Development of Nigeria (SINRHD). He received the Meritorious Service award of The Nigerian Society of Engineers in 2000. He also bagged Ondo Local Government Award of the National Youth service Corps Outstanding Performance in 1990 and received Ondo State Commendation Award of National Youth service Corps in 1990. Dr Okeola visits prison, hospital and a voluntary blood donor. Favorite books include: Giving by Bill Clinton; Happiness by Matthieu Ricard, Social Ethics (Morality & Social Policy) by Mappes & Zembaty, and The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey.

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